Baby bad breath – Why does my baby have bad breath? How to prevent?

infant bad breathMost often babies have sweet and pleasant breath. And for many, a baby having bad breath is unbelievable. But the fact, even infants also have bad breath, and it smells lousy same as an adult.

With this, the baby’s condition shouldn’t be overlooked. Because something might be up and the parent should stop baby bad breath as it may be signifying a disease or infection.

The foulness of baby’s breathing may be able to tell if it could be a severe infection, mouth or throat infection or sinusitis. Once you notice that the baby have bad breath. Pay attention to it, do some preventive measure. If none of it work, then it’s time to consult with a pediatrician or maybe the dentist.

Causes of baby bad breath

how to prevent baby bad breathLack of hygiene will cause bad breath; the natural bacteria that thrive in the baby’s mouth will intermingle with the leftover food particles that stayed in the mouth, the tongue, on the baby’s throat and gum line.

If the baby’s mouth does not brush or cleanse, especially for a long time, bad breath will occur.

Another cause of bad breath among babies is allergies or disease. An illness like tonsillitis, allergies or sinus infection can be a reason for bad breath.

Mouth breathing by babies can lead to bad breath. In this state, the baby’s muscles in the mouth relax, and the production of saliva decreased, eventually, the mouth will dry up.

When the mouth had dried up, the natural bacteria inside the baby’s mouth will increase in number, and bad breath will occur. The longer the baby sleeps with an open mouth, the more chances that the bacteria will multiply.

How to prevent baby bad breath?

baby bad breathTo stop baby bad breath, the first thing to do is give your baby proper hygiene, be sure to clean his mouth every day. Do this until the time he can already learn to do this by himself.

While growing up, teach him little by little on how to brush correctly, tell him too how good it is to have a clean mouth and teeth. In that way, he will be aware at an early age that maintaining good hygiene is essential.

Another thing, thumb sucking can be a culprit to your baby’s development of bad breath. Once the baby sucks his thumb, which can cause dryness within the mouth, the mouth could be the absolute place where bacteria grow.

After which, the mouth will be infested with a bunch of bad breath causing bacteria.

The use of a pacifier can also cause sour a smelling breath of your baby, just like thumb sucking. But in the case of a pacifier or any object that the child could put into his mouth and be filled with saliva. The bad breath-causing bacteria multiplies when the object has dried up saliva that hadn’t been cleaned.

The incidence of bad breath will happen after the child put the unclean object again into his mouth. It carrying loads of bacteria which would then spread all over his mouth and turn to bad breath.

Tips to stop baby’s bad breath

baby bad breathTips to stop baby bad breath, the bacteria that’s causing foul breath should be placed under control. Always, wash and clean the baby’s mouth and hands. Use soft tissue or cloth and wipe gently around the tongue, baby’s gums and teeth.
Prevent him from sucking toys, pacifier, or any object that he could put into his mouth. In case, he does this. Make sure to sterilize the pacifier to make it free from harmful germs and bacteria.

One last thing, discourage the baby from thumb sucking as this not only cause bad breath. But can also lead to the soreness and blisters with the baby’s thumb.

If after all your efforts have failed to stop baby bad breath, then the next step is to seek consultation from the baby’s pediatrician.

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