Bad breath social issues – How to tell others when having bad breath?

Bad breath social issues – do your friend having bad breath, and you are looking for a suitable approach to tell them?
This article is for you!!

Halitosis – Bad breath social issues

bad breath social issuesHalitosis is bad breath, a typical strong sour smell in the mouth? People who have this disorder suffer real embarrassment because it leads other people to avoid the person with bad breath.

Halitosis results from multiple causes. Often this problem will result from small particles of food getting stuck between the teeth or gums.
If the person is not brushing or flossing frequently enough, this can also cause bad breath. On occasion, food will be stuck in other places inside the mouth, including the surface of the tongue, tonsils or near the nasal cavity.

Halitosis treatment

Certain medications can help in halitosis treatment, or even as a result of gum disease, liver disease, respiratory disease or diabetes. Smoking or excessive use of alcohol will also result in bad breath for those who smoke or drink.
Halitosis bad breath causes due to bacteria that result from eating certain foods, drinking alcohol, and some medications that people take for some conditions.

Brushing and flossing regularly is the best way to combat these bacteria. Sufferers of halitosis should use fluoride toothpaste, and make sure they visit their dentist regularly as well to help find ways to fight halitosis.
Getting rid of halitosis is important to deal with right away because it makes others feel uncomfortable as well, being near someone they care about with such a problem.

What are bad breath social issues

Some people might not realize they have bad breath, and it’s hard for those close to the person to find a way to tell them of their bad breath. It can be a complicated topic to talk about with affected person. Instead of talking about it, people will begin to avoid the person who has the halitosis condition. When someone is not aware of their bad breath problem, they might start thinking about experiences they’ve had recently.

For example, have they noticed people avoiding them? Or that dates become disinterested after one or two dates? Of that people avoid kissing them? For each of these possible situations, if any friends haven’t told the person suffering from bad breath, then hopefully they are looking for other reasons they are being avoided.

The person others are avoiding as a result may wonder why they are sitting home alone. This is, of course, an extreme illustration of the problem, as usual, a person knows they are suffering from bad breath. One way to do a test on their own for halitosis is to cup a hand near the mouth, breathe into it, and then move the hand over the nose to see if there is a bad smell. Any usual smell needs to be addressed and action taken.

To find out what steps to solve bad breath social issues

bad breath social issuesit’s best to talk to one’s dentist for a solution of bad breath social issues or visit the Internet to see more options. If there is a person having halitosis you might want to find a good way to talk to the person about it. One way is to talk about someone you both know that may also have halitosis.

It’s possible that someone suffering from halitosis doesn’t know how bad their problem is, and is asking why others seem to avoid coming close to them. They might express this by talking about why people don’t want to see them lately.

This is an excellent opening to discuss the problem. To be able to tell people about having bad breath, you should start by saying that you know the person is intelligent, or talented, making sure they know this isn’t saying they are a bad person.

This can lead to a suggestion of additional hygiene habits that might work. This is usually a sensitive subject that most people are embarrassed to talk about and hear about.

You might look for more information about how to talk to someone on bad breath social issues. It’s always better for someone to become aware of their problem on their own, often by realizing why others stay away, or from a dentist or doctor.

If it seems like the problem is the person’s idea, in this way friends don’t have to risk their friendship by talking about this challenging subject.

Bad breath social issues – how to tell someone they have bad breath?

bad breath home remedyIn bad breath social issues one of the hardest thing to tell someone that they have bad breath. Most likely, they are not aware of the situation, and if they live with you, it can be quite disturbing to you.

Even if you want to, you may find that it is quite hard to break the news to them. This is because generally people are afraid to tell others about their negative aspects and we tend to avoid it to maintain a good relationship.

If the individual that has bad breath is close to you, this only makes it harder. The fact is that you need to tell him/her about this condition because there is a risk that the individual might be suffering from something that is more than just bad breath.

Instead of thinking that you are hurting your family member or friend, think of it as you are doing a favor for them instead.

Decent approaches of bad breath social issues

The most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. If that is the cause, you could drop hints like giving mints, chewing gum or a toothbrush set. The only challenge is if that individual has not had the habit of brushing his teeth, then you would have a problem of encouraging him to start.

The Direct Approach

how to cure bad breath permanentlyIf you want to tell somebody of bad breath social issues, the easiest way to do so is talking with one of their relatives or close friends. Individuals are not easily offended when somebody close will shed bad news upon them. If you think you are close enough to that, you can break the bad news yourself.

Just be mindful that nobody likes to be told that they have bad breath. Few people will respond positively if faced with the problem but knowing it is the first step towards eliminating it. This approach is direct but has the possibility of jeopardizing your relationship with the individual if it is not done well.

Be clear, precise and cautious when sharing your thoughts. Emphasize the fact that you are just trying to help and that the person needs to think about his or her health.

The Indirect Approach

The second method you might use is to hint about the problem rather than discuss directly of bad breath social issues. What we mean is telling an individual that they have a bad breath problem indirectly. For instance, you could pass him a breath mint now and then.

Adding humor to a statement makes a connection between individuals, but there are also people that do not take kindly to amusement. You should have a good idea about the preference of the one that you need to talk to. If you think he can take a humor statement than do it, if not think of something else.

The Internet Approach

Another way is to make use of technology. You could try sending an email or an instant message that is as specific as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes, the receiving party may perceive it as just spam, a marketing technique or just a stupid prank and might not take you seriously.

Believe it or not, there are even some services on the Internet now that will allow you to send anonymous messages to individuals to let them know about their problems. This solution of bad breath social issues is worth considering and could be very interesting.

The problem is that you will need to pay a small fee to use these services, but it might be worth it as the receiver will not know who sent the email. He will be alerted of the bad breath condition, and you will have done what you had to do without being directly involved. On the other hand, keep in mind that a face to face conversation can have much better results.

Bad breath social issues – how to tell the person having bad halitosis breath

It’s hard to talk about bad breath social issues to friends and tell about their personal qualities that you have a hard time with. The same applies when you try to tell a friend about their problem with halitosis.

There is two ways to approach a person about a bad breath social issues, a right way, and a wrong way. It seems that regardless of how you say it, some people will always feel hurt and take it to heart.

You can, however, find a way to say it tactfully, and get your friend to understand. You can be successful in talking about your friend’s halitosis if you take some time to think about how to say it.

As you approach your friend or family member, keep in mind that some things you should never say, even if you are truthful or trying to be direct. If you can thoughtfully put your comments, you can still communicate the truth, but not be hurtful. As you know, “the truth hurts” but that doesn’t mean you can’t be considerate.

Try to avoid these kinds of statements, which do more harm than good:

  • Your breath stinks!
  • Man, you stink.
  • Your mouth smells terrible.
  • How long didn’t you brush?
  • Where’d you learn to brush your teeth?
  • Have you brushed your teeth this recently?

Among bad breath social issues, these kinds of statements can really be painful to hear and do not come across as helpful. Most people are highly aware of their physical flaws and are concerned about what others think of them.

A fundamental question could be taken to be a personal attack, or seem mean depending on how it is presented. Always be extremely cautious when talking about someone’s habits.

Best conversation to discuss bad breath social issues

Here is a sample conversation to discuss bad breath social issues in a decent way, you can use to let someone know they have a problem with halitosis:
Hey, would you mind to talk for a minute? (Give them time to respond, with a “yes” “no” or “what?”)In the past, did you ever have trouble with halitosis? (again, let them respond. They might want to know what halitosis is or answer “yes” or “no”).

Once you bring up the subject, you can talk to them about it in a few different ways. They may already be aware of their halitosis problem and be willing to talk about it, which of course would make things very easy.

What if a person not aware of bad breath social issues?

If your friend does not know what halitosis is, they may be ready to hear more about it, and that’s an excellent way to start the conversation. In some cases though, they may ultimately refuse to discuss the subject, or seem disinterested.

In this case, it’s better that you wait for another time unless they are suffering from a physical condition such as mouth pain or a severe dental problem. Sometimes a good way to open the door is to describe halitosis as a specific medical condition.

This takes the pressure off a person who might be embarrassed that’s its the result of their hygiene. It is comforting to know that it is something treatable medically and that your friend does not have to feel like there’s no way to correct the halitosis or bad breath problem.

Bad breath social issues and medical treatment

It is true that halitosis can be addressed medically in some cases, and your friend may like to hear that they can discuss it with their dentist. After your friend realizes that this is a type of medical issue, you might also point out that a dentist can help individuals treat the problem at home, without expensive medications or office visits. You then have an opportunity to talk about some of the home cures and remedies which you know of and can recommend.

How to Drop Hints for Your Colleague with Bad Breath

Dealing with a colleague that exhibits bad breath can be quite a challenge. Although you may find that his mouth odor is disturbing, you would also realize that you cannot just walk up to him and say that his breath stinks.

There are different ways to handle the situation and below are some ways you can use to let the individual know that his breathing is not pleasant in different ways.

Different Ways To Drop Hints

For most cases, subtle hints will work wonders when dealing with your colleague’s bad breath. For instance, one of the most used methods is offering a mint or chewing gum.

It is essential that you also take one at the same time. Such an approach is subtle enough to let him know about his bad breath problem. At the same time, it will also not have an impact on your relationship because the gesture is one that seems friendly.
On the other side, a possibility that the individual thinks he does not have bad breath and will refuse your help. This is when another approach is needed. Taking various promotional materials for bad breath products is such an approach.

what if all approaches fail to discuss bad breath social issues?

You can only leave one on your colleague’s desk, and this can be a very efficient approach. He will need to read it to realize what it is and it is another hint that he has bad breath. If this does not work out, you will need to go after a less subtle approach.

When all else fails, you could let him now directly via an anonymous email. There are different web services available that you can use to create a free email address and there are even particular web sites that will send the email for you.

It is highly essential that the email is not aggressive but friendly. This way you will not hurt his feelings, and he would be more likely to take up your suggestions.

Family member approach

The last approach that is recommended when dealing with your colleague’s bad breath is talking to his family members. Any individual will take the news about his bad breath differently when coming from a family member or even a close friend.

If the two of you are close friends, you can even tell him yourself, but it is highly recommended that you make him understand that you do not mean harm and you are not criticizing him. Also, you may want to add that various medical conditions have bad breath as its symptoms.

You are only telling him because you have his best interest at heart.

How to Tell Your Girlfriend about Her Bad Breath

bad breath social issuesBad breath is a mood killer. Just picture yourself with your loved one in a romantic environment where everything is going smoothly.

Suddenly, just before both of you could lock your lips together for a passionate kiss, you suddenly smell something terrible coming from the mouth of your partner.

This is when having bad breath will ruin everything. Unfortunately for us all, many conditions can affect our breathing, and it can leave us with a disgusting breath that cannot be tolerated by the ones around us. It is quite hard to date somebody that exhibits such a problem.

A kiss is considered to be the most intimate connection between couples, one even more intimate than having sex. Bad breath can destroy intimacy and will make it impossible for the couple to continue dating and will also break up marriages if not dealt with. When love steps in we have an even bigger problem.

You want to tell your girlfriend that she has bad breath, but you are afraid of her reaction, so you do not do it. Unwillingly you will avoid her kisses, and she will eventually start thinking that something is wrong with you instead of her. The best tip for you is that you need to tell her about the bad breath condition no matter what.

The approach

halitosis bad breathThe first thing is to get informed. You will have a distinct advantage if you know what causes that bad breath. Watch your girlfriend and notice her dental care. Most of the bad breath problems come from improper dental care.

Stick with her for some time and see if he brushes her teeth at least two times per day and if she does, does she do it properly. At least two minutes of brushing is needed to clean the teeth and freshen the breath thoroughly.

If she does not do that, you can make her do the without her even realizing it. Get up early and take here with you in the bathroom and start washing your teeth while handing her the toothbrush.

Do the same routine in the evening as well. She cannot refuse to wash her teeth if you look like you are playing and most gals love to play although they never recognize it.

You can also chew sugarless chewing gum and hand her one or mint from time to time while you are taking one as well. This creates comfort, and by utilizing these simple tips, there is a strong chance her dental care will improve and bad breath might be removed.

Halitosis bad breath diet for a girlfriend

If dental care is not a problem, you could go on to her diet. Some foods like garlic, onion, and spicy food are well-known breath killers. There is a need to wash one’s teeth after every meal of course, no matter what you eat.

If you can recognize the cause of her condition from her daily habits, you can work to remove that cause. However, should you not be able to identify the cause, your girlfriend might be suffering from something more severe, and you need to take action because it can be dangerous for her health. That is when you will need to seek the doctor’s help.

The Confrontation

halitosis bad breathIt is not easy to tell anyone that they have bad breath. Our subconscious works without consulting us, and you will inevitably end up kissing her less and less.

She will surely not like that and will think that something is wrong in the relationship. Women have a sixth sense, and it is best, to be frank with them.

If you notice her avoiding kissing you as well, there might be a possibility that she is aware of her bad breath problem but is afraid to share it with you. After all, it is not easy to tell somebody, especially the person you love that you have bad breath problems.

Both cases there is a need to have a confrontation. It might be strange and awkward, but it must be done, no matter what. It is hard to tell here, so the best solution is just being honest while not exaggerating. First, try to hint as to the existence of the problem and if that does not work sweetly tell her the truth.

Things to remember while telling her about bad breath

Make sure she understands that you wish her best and try to explain that there might be a serious problem that causes her bad breath condition. After all, you love her, and you would not want her to suffer from any disease or medical condition that could be threatening.

Let her know about bad breath in the sweetest way possible and go further with the conversation. Do a little research so that you would know about possible bad breath causing conditions and express yourself. Try to convince her to go to a dentist so that her teeth can be checked.

Some cavities can be hidden from the human eye, and you might not even realize they are there. An infection can also be present, or she might need a special toothpaste, one that is stronger than usual.

You want her to realize that you want the problem to be fixed for your relationship to become even better.

Do not mention the fact that it is disturbing to you! Never do that!

Make it clear that she needs to solve her bad breath problem so that you could kiss her even more than ever. Tell her that you love her and tell her that you care.

Bad breath can be eliminated, and different solutions work better for different people. There is no reason to thinking that her problem cannot be solved with ease and you must make her realize that.

Be supportive and stand near her while being kind and all will be resolved quicker than you might have imagined.

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