Bad Breath Home Remedies – How To Cure Bad Breath Permanently

In America, 50-60% of people have a severe halitosis problem, and they are mostly searching for the solution and bad breath home remedies.
Well, if you are one of them, keep reading – Bring your relationships with your loved ones to a whole new level with your new found fresh breath.

Bad Breath Home Remedy

What is Halitosis?

bad breath home remedyA person suffering from bad breath is said to have ‘halitosis.’
Halitosis is the combination of two Latin words, a “halitus” which means breath, and “osis” meaning any abnormal state or disorder.

Causing much social embarrassment for the person suffering from it as well as to all the people in his or her vicinity, it is a problem which should be addressed immediately and with bad breath remedy.

In most cases, the person suffering might be unaware of the problem until a well-wisher let him know. If you are not sure about your breath, don’t wait until too late and it causes an embarrassment by the reactions of the people around you.

The bad breath test and bad breath home remedies

There are a couple of ways to ascertaining your breath status which does not involve a visit to the dentist:

The Easy Ask

Ask a loved one or a good friend for an honest opinion if you are not someone who is easily embarrassed or offended. Your most honest answer is likely to come from asking a child.

The Palm Test

Cup your palm in front of your face. Close to, but not touching, your mouth and nose. Blow into your palm and take a whiff of what bounces off your palm. That’ll be a fair indication of what your breath smells like to others.

The Lick and spoon Test

Lick your wrist, let it somewhat dry and smell it. That’s what the front of your tongue smells like. To get a more accurate gauge of the degree of your bad breath, use an inverted spoon to scrape the back of your mouth, take it out and smell the whitish residue, this is more accurately what your breath smells like to others.

Types of bad breath smells

You must know the type of bad breath smells before starting a bad breath home remedy. The smell of the Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSC’s) is often referred to as a “rotten egg” smell which is the most commonly bad breath smell. There are other unpleasant odors caused by other bacterial wastes in the mouth; some of these are:

  • Cadaverine smells like a corpse.
  • Putrescine smells like decaying meat.
  • Skatole smell of human feces.
  • Isovaleric Acid smell of sweaty feet.

Some levels of these smelly compounds are present in everyone’s breath. Halitosis or bad breath occurs when the levels of any of these compounds are elevated.

Every underlying cause of halitosis has not currently been well researched or understood as a treatable condition by the dental community. A holistic approach to the situation is increasingly sought after by many keeping in mind the overall health of the body. Addressing your bad breath problem and starting an effective treatment plan will take you closer to increased confidence and self-esteem and social stress reduction.

What causes bad breath?

halitosis bad breathHalitosis bad breath is a condition that usually results from poor dental hygiene. However, it can also result from a combination of other factors such as tooth decay, gum disease, constipation, smoking, indigestion to mention just but a few. Most of the causes of halitosis can be treatable medically. However, there are some alternative halitosis treatment methods that one can try out, but this should be after visiting a dentist for examination and cleaning and the identification of the underlying cause.

While good oral hygiene is an essential part of routine care, it might not be enough in itself as there could be many other underlying factors causing halitosis.

In most cases, halitosis bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria breaking down protein at a very high rate and creating halitosis compounds which are called VSC’s or Volatile Sulfur Compounds scientifically. The ideal environment for anaerobic bacteria is an environment with high acidity and reduced oxygen.

Treatment and bad breath home remedy

halitosis bad breathThe first bad breath home remedy is daily teeth brushing and flossing. This treatment method is mostly known to work very well in cases where bacteria are the cause of bad odor.

Another alternative halitosis bad treatment method is drinking of tea regularly. Research has indicated that both black and green tea contain compounds known as polyphenols.  Which are thought to be effective in stopping the growth of bacteria responsible for halitosis.

Polyphenols also inhibit the production of hydrogen sulfide, by existing bacteria, which is one of the malodorous compounds that cause bad breath.

Another alternative halitosis bad treatment is the use of mouthwash that contains zinc. Zinc directly neutralizes malodorous sulfur compounds hence improving one’s breath. In addition to the above, using a tongue scraper is also another alternative halitosis treatment method.

A tongue scraper helps in removing food particles, bacteria and dead cells from the tongue. Other than a tongue scrapper one can also use a brush to remove the elements identified above since if left to accumulate they result to bad mouth odor (halitosis)

Drinking plenty of fluid is another proven and advantageous alternative halitosis treatment method. Regular drinking of water, as well as other liquids, helps in keeping the mouth moist hence reducing the activity of bacteria.

Natural Bad breath home remedy

bad breath home remedyTraditional Chinese medicine also insists that taking water, watery fruits, soup, and soggy vegetables also prevent bad breath that results from excess heat in one’s stomach.

Traditional Chinese medicine also has it that bitter foods like Belgian endive in addition to many green vegetables also help in curbing stomach heat. Foods such as sugar, milk, alcohol, coffee, and spicy or fried foods make it worst on the other hand.

Snacking on vegetables and crunchy fruits such as apples, carrots, jicama or celery helps in removing bacteria, plaque, and food from teeth and hence is another alternative halitosis treatment method.

Using essential oils (plant oils) containing mouthwash is also believed to help in reducing bad breath. Comparative studies between mouth wash containing peppermint oil, lemon oil and tea tree oil (plant oils) and a standard mouthwash indicated that plant oils include less volatile sulfur compounds compared to conventional mouthwash.

The use of herbs is also another alternative halitosis treatment method. Chewing on small sprigs of parsley, tarragon, rosemary or spearmint for about a minute is very useful in a freshening of one’s breath.

Last but not least, for people who experience bad breath with no identifiable cause, getting help in stress management has been a very significant alternative halitosis treatment method.

Studies have indicated that in young men with good general health as well as dental hygiene, stress increases the release of malodorous volatile sulfur compounds which cause bad breath in their mouths. Relaxation techniques for such halitosis patients, therefore, go a long way in helping them get rid of bad breath.

What is a Bad Breath Tester?

Most of the times persons suffering from halitosis bad breath are the last ones to be aware of the problem. One’s nose filters out and ignores most background odors including our own. Some of the ways we can find out ourselves if we have bad breath are to ask someone close to us.

These devices came into the market long ago, and they measure the sulfides in a person’s breath. This device determines the concentration of sulfides which correlates to VSC’s or Volatile Sulfur Compounds in a person breath.

How to use Bad Breath Tester

symptoms of halitosis bad breathLick the back of your hand is another method to identifies bad breath, let it dry and smell the result. Home tests which test for the presence of sulfur compounds using a chemical reaction are also available.

Professional like dentists and breath clinics use a breath tester called the Halimeter to quantify various degrees of bad breath.

The Halimeter need not be very accurate as any interference can give inaccurate readings. This Halimeter can misinterpret certain foods like onion and garlic which remain in the bloodstream for a long time as the readings will be of the temporary presence of hydrogen sulfide in the breath.

A Halimeter does not explicitly test for VSC’s. The alcohol in certain mouthwashes can also result in inaccurate readings as the Halimeter is sensitive to alcohol. Another device for testing for bad breath is a gas chromatograph. Though less accurate, the Halimeter is a more user-friendly, portable device which is more cost-effective than a gas chromatograph.

Gas Chromatography

Gas chromatography: The researchers use this method most often in many scientific fields for testing and identifying some compounds. A gas chromatograph is a piece of sophisticated equipment which requires specialized training and handling. Unlike a Halimeter a Gas chromatograph is not portable and the breath measurement process is very time-consuming. Gas chromatographs take precise measurements of the concentrations of specific compounds in a person’s breath.

Other ways in which researchers in scientific fields test for bad breath are Organoleptic testing, The BANA test, using gas chromatography and using chemiluminescence.

Organoleptic testing:

This method of testing is only a scientific term for using one’s sense of smell to determine the degree of bad breath. This is not an objective method and vastly left to the judge’s various influencing factors such as health conditions, head position, and concentration needed to make an accurate interpretation. The measurement is quantifying in terms of vague gauges of measurement like weak, medium or strong.

The BANA test:

The bacteria which cause periodontal diseases produce an enzyme that breaks down the compound BANA (benzoyl-D, L-arginine-naphthylamide). When a sample of patient’s saliva is mix with the compound, it degrades the compound and changes its color indicating the presence of the odor-causing bacteria.

Chemiluminescence testing:

This method of testing is more sensitive to the presence of low levels of sulfur compounds compared to the Halimeter. This involves mixing a sample containing sulfur compounds with a mercury compound resulting in fluorescence.

How to cure bad breath permanently with Bad breath Home Remedy

People with Halitosis bad breath feel embarrassed when around other people, feel ashamed. Then they looking for a permanent solution with bad breath home remedy. Halitosis gives off a smell similar to that of a rotten egg. The primary reason why someone gets reasons for bad breath relates to dental, i.e., decaying of the tooth.

Thus, bacteria causes terrible bad smells. Managing bad breath is essential as it not only gives unpleasant odor but it affects vital organs such as the stomach, nose. This further contributes to diseases such as stomach ache, tonsils. To be able to remove the problem of halitosis, you ought to go for bad breath treatments.

Halitosis Bad breath Bacteria

the leftover food in the teeth results in the development of a bacteria which can survive even in the absence of oxygen; anaerobic bacteria. The tongue is just a powerful muscle and is home to poor bacteria, which lives beneath papillae.

Taste buds are at the very best of papillae. Anaerobic bacteria survive to the remaining food and gives out Sulphur, as a by-product, as a result. The smell made is quite disgusting and leads to halitosis.

The best bad breath home remedy:

Brushing teeth regularly:

In these days, our life is so busy that we can’t find time for ourselves. We are always active to overlook our teeth in the process and adhering to a busy schedule. To be able to lead a confident, happy and healthy life, it must be our goal.

Because of this frequently follow it and create an appropriate routine. The agenda includes brushing your teeth first thing and waking up in the morning along with before going to bed. In a nutshell, if we brush our teeth regularly and effectively. We can make sure to keep all the embarrassment away.

Rinse after eating food:

Another important poor breath treatment would be to wash your mouth after having food. This is a highly effective approach to keeping halitosis absent. Rinsing mouth after having dinner means that the meals particles which are leftover between gums and teeth are removed.

In a survey, it shows that 30% of people don’t wash their mouth while they think it is not essential or is too lazy to complete so.

Mouth refreshers:

As a way to prevent halitosis, mouth refreshers are a good option. Our mouth feels refreshed after using mouth refresher. It’s said to use perfect flavored mouth clean gets rid of halitosis issue and as it stimulates our mouth. Once you get rid of terrible bad breath, it will over time give confidence and will end up in a person doing better.

Avoid smoking and drinking:

Avoid drinking as well as smoking since it leads to a scent that causes a bad smell. Not only will it results in a bad effect but causes harms to your teeth along with bad breath.

In these days, individuals don’t pay a lot of an important to bad breath home remedy. It is advisable to just take the issue significantly by treating bad breath when the first signs appear and cause a comfortable, healthy life.

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